Trigger warning: Breakfast

Holy shit.

reasons why we don’t make fun of seemingly odd triggers


This is a great example of why the appropriation of trauma triggers and their respective warnings by the SJ crowd grinds my gears so much. 

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having body hair annoys me but removing body hair also annoys me and also life, life annoys me

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I’ll always repost this. Super cute.

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Omg chill

this is some airbending shit right here

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Anastasia’s Blue Dress Appreciation Post

Was there some sort of special animation for this movie because it has never looked quite like other animation.

It was almost entirely rotoscoped, if that’s what you mean? That means it was drawn on top of live action film, which is how they got the realistic subtleties. 

Whoa, that’s so cool. Wow.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is rotoscoping done fantastically right.

Because all you really need to do is find some cheap animation produced by lesser-to-completely-unknown studios to see how horribly disturbing rotoscoping is when the artist cannot animate very well; if the frame rate is too slow? It looks jerky, choppy, and repulsively unnatural. It leaps right into the uncanny valley and sets up house there.

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i will never not reblog this post

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  • partner: you be the teacher ill be the student ;)
  • me: okay
  • me: write an essay on whether theatre architecture of a particular period always reflects that period's culture. i want it on my desk by monday
  • partner: oh no but... thats such a hard essay... is there anything i can do for extra credit? ;)
  • me: no
  • partner: but professor.... surely then i could... persuade you to extend the deadline...? ;)
  • me: no
  • partner: so... what do you want, professor?? ;)))
  • me: an essay on whether theatre architecture of a particular period always reflects that period's culture. on my desk. by monday


sö î hèãrd ÿôū łįkê gùÿś wìth áçćėñtš

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Reblog if one of your favorite characters has ever died.



Rest in peace, Mongo from Shrek 2. Your life was fleeting but you will never be forgotten.

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this will never be not funny.

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failed step 1

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step 1: reblog a two part post in the right order

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